Wave Mechanics

Here is the latest experiment in visualising the electron beam orbits in the storage ring. As the ‘velocity’ of the movement increases, the wavelike effects and lorentz contractions make the space appear distorted and fluid, and at certain velocities, standing waves appear. However, this is peanuts compared to the actual angular velocity of the electrons […]

High Velocity Thoughts

After the installation of the IVU (Intra-Vacuum Undualtor (see below)) I went to take photos in the particle-beam storage ring. I was in a dark part of the tunnel, when for an instant, there it seemed there was a bright beam of light which moved across my face, as I was adjusting the exposure on […]

Today they’re positioning the undulator & I will document it (An undulator is a 6 ton electromagnet that makes particles move in little polarized loops & its magnetic field is so strong it can be dangerous to go near it even when it’s turned off!!!)

Further developments…

Here is a ‘Quicktime VR’ panorama of the storage ring, which has been ‘collided’ into the accelerator ring and itself…
Hold down on the mouse button and drag the cursor around to move through the scene, and use the shift and control keys to zoom in and out (you will need Apple’s Quicktime plugin to view […]

Initial plans & experiments

Having just commenced the 3 month artist in residence program at the Australian Synchrotron, here are the first tests for visualising the form of the synchrotron, the processes used in the synchrotron, and the functions of the synchrotron.

An image of the LINAC (LINear ACcelerator) where electrons are accelerated into a beam - a bit like […]