Another action packed week… This one saw the delivery of 70 odd gigiabytes of 360 degree video, courtesy of Volker Kuchelmeister from iCinema, who flew down from Sydney with his Point Grey ‘Ladybug’ camera and took hours of footage in the linear accelerator, accelerator ring & storage ring (and then I had to fly up to Sydney to get the rendered video files (as they were so big!)) There was also a visit from Melinda Rackham of ANAT fame & Linda Lucas of Arts Victoria Arts Innovation, who seemed to both enjoy the ’show’; a ’show & tell’ with the accelerator physicists and a few of the beamline scientists, who seemed to enjoy the artshow; and finally the delivery and lifting into place of two X-Large Undulators, which stole the show!
See the images below for the ’sci-fi-sight’ of an 8 ton undulator ‘floating’ 10 metres above the ground, and a ‘gathering’ of intra-vacuum devices..

The Flying Undulator

Above: ‘The Flying Undualtor’

2 Undulators and a Wiggler zone
Above: ‘2 undulators & a Wiggler’